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Q: So what is this Mega Geable thing?
A: It's a Mega Man sprite comic.

Q: I don't know what that means.
A: I take tiny little drawings and put them together to make comic strips. Some of them I drew myself, and some of them come from video games. Most of them are somewhere in between--they originally came from video games, and then I changed them around.

Q: I do know what that means. Aren't Mega Man sprite comics all just crappy Bob and George ripoffs?
A: No. Some of them are high quality Bob and George ripoffs. I like to think Mega Geable is one of them.

Q: I think I remember this comic from before, but it's shorter than it used to be. Didn't there used to be a storyline about Bass and Cinca fighting Robot Masters, for instance?
A: Mega Geable in its original form was what I made as I was first learning how to do sprite comics. I've advanced a lot since the early strips, both as a spriter and as a writer. Not only was much of the archive increasingly embarassing to me, but I was also sick of trying to keep up with all the idiotic ideas I'd lumped into the comic over the years. So I've rebooted the continuity, thus the generally ignored subtitle.

Q: Aw, but I liked all the characters! You mean they're gone?
A: Not all of them! There are a few minor characters whom I've decided not to bring back for a second round. But most of the Mega Geable cast will be returning in the new continuity.

Q: Is there an in-story explanation for all this?
A: Yes! Frashman made a major repair to the timeline at some point prior to the entire Mega Man franchise. The resulting changes were widespread enough that most of the existing Mega Geable was completely cancelled out.

Q: So that means he... wait...
A: Heh.

Q: You fiend.
A: Mwahaha.

Q: You did not seriously...
A: Yes, I did. He time-traveled for this.

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